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Nipple covers are silicon or cotton adhesive covers, which stick to the skin independently. Our products are worn for the sole purpose of hiding protruding nipples. some people wear them for other purposes such as "nipple chafe". The popularity of bras is dwindling with time and more and more women are beginning to embrace this new form of lingerie.We manufacture, retail and wholesale our own products, fabric or silicone, at sensible prices, we offer no cost worldwide delivery on all purchases.

Nipple pasties are comfortable and they solve the problem of embarrassing protruding nipples that most women normally experience sometime in their life time. Any woman who has experienced high beams on her chest will tell you of what a really awkward situation she found herself in, when she realized that her nipples were standing out in public.

Nip slips are frequent things that happen to many women including celebrities. However, we can never be sure if these celebrities are doing it for fun or if it is just incidental. Either way, people like us who are not celebrities would rather hide those protruding nipples. If not we know we shall suffer the deadly consequences of sinking in a pit of embarrassment.

Unless you would like to do some kind of publicity for one reason or the other, keep your beams from catching the public's eye because it is not always a pleasant sight for everyone. It is understandable though, that you may not want to miss out on wearing that new backless top you bought or the new halter dress that's to-die-for.

You have a wide range to choose form. Padded bras are for giving you some form of shape. They may help prevent your nipples from showing but that is not the intended purpose. Nipple covers are designed to specifically cover the nipples.

Instead of deciding to buy a different bra to try and hide your nipples, you can buy our products, whose sole purpose is to hide your pointing nipples when you wear tops that do not require bras. If you like, you can wear them underneath you thin bras too.